We help you understand the forces that shape the future of your business.

Riding the next wave

External factors contribute to almost half your business performance. Today’s senior leaders recognize their business context has become more complex, is more dynamic, and faces higher levels of uncertainty.

In order to ride the next waves of business, timely anticipation on societal change and market trends is key.

  • What undercurrents shape your business destination?
  • What are the stars to guide you?
  • What’s changing? And why does it matter?


Visionary leadership thrives in today’s ‘fluid’ society. Traditional patterns change. Market dynamics increase. For organizations, as well as for individuals, shifting becomes more important than staying. Visions of the future provide guidance to map your route. In turn, visionary leadership demands firm understanding and continuous exploration and navigation of the forces that shape your business context.


A future valid strategy starts with exploring upcoming changes and assessing its impact. What are the underlying shifts that will shape the future of your business? How do trends interact? What is the big picture lying ahead for your company? And what are the relevant details that provide an early warning signal?

We do foresight

Projektor, is our horizon scanning approach. It is all about the informed future and sense making. With a forward mindset, we are pushing the envelope of strategic insights. We challenge too much reliance on historical data and assumptions from the past. We create awareness of the looming perspectives of tomorrow’s business.


We admit, we are a bit nerdy about this one. We adopt a breadth and depth approach of relevant future insights. We systematically monitor the new, the unexpected, the major and the minor that may impact your future business. And we are very keen in maintaining a forward perspective. We believe that too much focus on isolated trends only causes blindsight rather than foresight. Therefore, we are eager to help you understand the whole picture by clarifying the dynamics between players, player relations, and relevant factors.


The result of our synthesis is strategic intelligence. The outcomes of our horizon scanning serves as a touchstone for future valid decision-making. And we love to challenge you and your team to think forward and understand what’s next.

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