The future of education

The future of learning is about progress, not certificates

The future of learning is about being able to progress in a fluid society. A modern society in which we face more turbulence, uncertainty, and ambivalence. In order to progress and to prosper, learning skills become extremely relevant. Not only for the young, but for all of us. Personal development is a lifetime achievement. Changing work patterns and the necessity to adapt to new technologies, new skills, and new tasks make it quite a challenge .

We foresee core assumptions and key principles of educational institutions to be challenged. The future consumer of education flows through the educational marketplace. They expand their educational horizon beyond the boundaries of the campus.

Educational institutions will be able to exploit a much larger audience by unbundling the classic degree programs. The sum of a unique collection of microcredentials from a wide variety of resources will become more valuable than the package degree of institutions. Work experience, internships and educational modules will blend and not depend on periodical school schedules.

Platform technology, apps or gaming quests will blur the boundaries between what’s studied and learned. The ownership of learning goes back to those who personally benefit from it. Education encounters a big shift from a producer-driven to consumer-driven market.

And it all makes sense. The liquid society and the future of work are in favor of those who gain competencies like problem-solving, critical thinking and creativity. It will provide work to those who are specialized to conduct specific tasks or excel in human capacities and competencies. And it will favor those who are flexible enough to adapt and have the talent and the stamina to get things done.

FutureFlock foresees the changes of learning & education. Our foresight approach identifies and makes sense of looming shifts in educational aspirations. We identify the relevant issues of a changing context of learning and synthesize them. We explore what impact they may have on your business and we will challenge your team to think ahead. And we love to co-create opportunities and perspectives for your next strategy and business models.

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