The Future is Transitional, Complex, Liquid, V.U.C.A.T., System Change, Infinite, Speculative, Written, Making Sense, Exciting, Inspiring, Hilarious, Plural, Mind Boggling, Intriguing, Predictable, Fuzzy, Different, To Be Foreseen, Shocking, Innovative, Foreseeable, Promising, Wicked, Systemic, Written, Regenerative,

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Strategic Foresight. What's next?

We highlight the dynamics of change that will shape the future of your business. Identifying undercurrents, trends, and intriguing signals. Projektor is our foresight scanning approach to understand what's next.

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Strategy. What options do you have?

We unfold surprising strategic options to reap the benefits of strategic scenarios. Progressor is our approach to unleash your business perspectives in a complex and uncertain world.

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Future Driven Change. How to engage?

We create an engaging strategic dialogue as a common ground to ignite forward thinking and doing. Propellor is our approach to bring the future of your business to life.

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