The future of leisure

“In leisure we reveal …”

Leisure is serious business. Dutch consumers spend almost twenty percent of their income on leisure. In 2016, tourism alone accounts for 73 billion euros of expenditures providing more than 377,000 full time jobs. Sports are gaining popularity and we spend more time consuming all kinds of media.

However, the battle for leisure is a battle for time. Though expenditures rise, the available free time becomes more scarce. The life of consumers is becoming more demanding and hectic. A 24/7-economy, increased labor participation, the rise of the independents, social obligations, always-on communication devices,… it all adds up. As a consequence, consumers experience an increased fragmentation of their free time. And they become more critical in spending it.

“…our aspired future to be”

The fundamental shift in leisure time provides challenges. Consumers seek benefits that are new and not yet addressed. As the lives of consumers change, understanding their context and underlying aspirations is key.

FutureFlock foresees the changes of consumer behavior. Our foresight approach identifies and makes sense of shifts in consumer behavior. We identify relevant issues of a changing context and synthesize them. We explore their impact on your business. And we create opportunities and perspectives for your next strategy and business models.

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